Goal and History

The goal of the Anchor Institution Mission is for UCSF and community partners to collaborate to increase the economic security and opportunity for under-resourced populations in the San Francisco Bay Area by leveraging UCSF’s workforce development, procurement, and community investment resources.

A Brief History of the UCSF Anchor Institution Mission


School of Medicine Leadership Retreat on Race Matters and initial presentation to faculty and staff on anchor institution framework


UCSF attends inaugural meeting of the Healthcare Anchor Network, officially joining the national organization


UCSF and the San Francisco Foundation partner to develop a transparent baseline of UCSF’s internal and external landscape of anchor institution strategies and to propose recommendations of strategic direction


Publication of the report “Advancing Health Equity in San Francisco: An Assessment of UCSF’s Anchor Institution Capacity and Recommendations for Strategic Direction


Developed a strategic plan and budget; convened Anchor Institution Steering Committee and three subcommittees


Began building the team and executing the strategic plan


Began working with Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland to assess its capacity to adopt an anchor mission strategy